I like new friends because I can reuse old jokes


really close to my next thousand!!!! calories that ive consumed so far today

"The line in the sand that I drew was the joke about the wide-set vagina. The ratings board said, ‘We can’t give you a PG-13 unless you cut that line.’ We ended up playing the card that the ratings board was sexist, because Anchorman had just come out, and Ron Burgundy had an erection in one scene, and that was PG-13. We told them, ‘You’re only saying this because it’s a girl, and she’s talking about a part of her anatomy. There’s no sexual context whatsoever, and to say this is restrictive to an audience of girls is demeaning to all women.’ And they eventually had to back down."  - Mean Girls Director Spills Ten Juicy Stories // Kyle Buchanan, Vulture (via burnuticatotheground)


Do boys even get crushes on girls do boys even like girls do boys even feel things